Content marketing

Content marketing is playing an increasingly important role in the fitness industry, with operators, nutrition brands and fit-tech businesses all investing heavily in their online content in an effort to expand the reach of their brand and drive higher volumes of traffic towards their website.

Great content marketing must always be based upon a clear brand identity which then feeds a number of detailed content themes. These themes not only capture the personality of the brand, but represent the topics with which the primary audience is most likely to engage. Finally, a channel strategy is devised through which to distribute this content, which includes blogging, email, the search engines and social media.


A focus on the results that matter

There are lots of key performance indicators that provide insight into the performance of branded content – social reach, engagement, rankings, conversion rates, etc… However, rather than providing huge monthly or quarterly reports on these metrics, our goal is to narrow it down to the two or three most significant metrics and report on these every single week to ensure that the campaign remains agile and rapidly evolving.


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