Digital Advertising For The Fitness Market

Great digital marketing is ultimately about building brands that make money while you sleep through primarily organic (free!) channels, but that takes time. In the short term it is often essential to invest in a more direct form of marketing, such as adwords, remarketing or social media advertising.


Adwords is the Google PPC (Pay Per Click) platform, and in most markets it’s the fastest way to generate highly targeted traffic that converts. In some markets it can be expensive, so the key is to understand your numbers. What is the lifetime value of each customer and what is your typical conversion rate? If you can answer these questions then you know exactly how much you can afford to spend on generating each sale/lead. As long as you stay within this figure then you can spend all day long, secure in the knowledge that you are always doing so profitably.


Remarketing is that slightly creepy thing that occurs when you’ve been on a website looking at a product and then notice that product stalking you around the internet. When running an adwords campaign it’s usually worth also running a remarketing campaign alongside it. The conversion rates are very small but it’s generally cheap and aids your overall brand awareness.

Social media advertising:

There is almost no point in creating content for Facebook unless you are prepared to invest at least a tiny amount in advertising to promote it. Organic reach is almost negligible for most pages. However, it’s not just about promoting content, Facebook advertising can also be used to drive direct sales/leads onto your website, and often the cost per conversion is far lower than you would achieve on Adwords.

The Facebook advertising platform can also be used across Instagram, so it really depends where your audience is active. Advertising is a little more complex/expensive on twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat, but again it all depends on your audience.

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