SEO In The Fitness Market

SEO continues to be one of the most powerful routes to market for many fitness businesses. It is the process of developing your website so that Google not only understands the content of each page and what keywords it should index the site for, but so that Google trusts and values your brand and content more than the competition.

What makes a great SEO campaign?

There was a time when SEO was all about keywords and links. It was an entirely manipulative practice and the brand or user experience were mere after thoughts. Those days are long gone.

SEO now is concerned with building your brand through outstanding content, audience engagement via social media and offering a perfectly intuitive user experience. The first step therefore is to establish a car brand identity so that all activity can fit within that framework.

SEO services from Boss Digital

Boss Digital have specialised in SEO for 6 years, both in the fitness industry and other markets. They have delivered hundreds of SEO campaigns within niche local markets and huge international markets, and while they tactics have evolved significantly in that time, the mentality has always remained the same – it’s all about results.


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