Social Media Marketing

It is now widely accepted that if you are operating in the fitness market then social media has to form a key part of your overall strategy.

Which platforms should you be active on?

Too many fitness companies jump straight on Facebook without really considering their target audience. For many brands Facebook is indeed a priority and with its incredibly gradual advertising platform there are certainly some major benefits. However, for other brands, particularly those with a younger audience, they are far better off prioritising newer platforms such as snapchat and instagram. The key is in truly understanding your target audience.

How do you define success in social media?

This really depends on your business. For almost all fitness companies there should be an element of direct ROI and you can easily see any sales/enquiries on your website that have originated from social. For other companies it may be more of an exercise in extending their brand awareness or increasing engagement with existing customers. Again, these metrics are easily tracked.

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