Interview for The Fitness Network - Emma Forward EMD UK

Five fundamental steps to becoming recognised as an excellent training provider

Emma Forward is the Chief Operating Officer for EMD UK and has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Emma joined EMD UK in 2012 as Development Director and was promoted to COO in 2015.

Emma is responsible for the overall operation of EMD UK and specifically for the achievement of targets set by Sport England. Emma is a Group Ex specialist and her main areas of expertise include skills, qualifications, instructor support and quality assurance.

We spoke to Emma about how training providers can become highly recognised in their field and what attributes make an excellent training provider.




What is required to become an excellent training provider?


1) Offer good customer service

All the way through the learner journey you should be making sure you are offering a high level of customer service and treating them well.

2) Create a long-term relationship with your customers

Think about your learners coming back and doing other courses with you rather than just doing one and then going out into the industry. Support your learners through their whole journey in becoming a group exercise professional.

3) Offer good value for money

Any good basic business principle is that you are offering good value for money for your products and services. In the training world you can look at bursaries and skills funding opportunities. As a training provider you should make sure you consider offering these options to your learners.

4) Provide a holistic offer for learners

What else would a learner need in order to become a really good group exercise instructor or fitness instructor? Consider if you can you offer insurance, music licensing and further information around getting their business off the ground.

5) Offer high quality training

There is quite a variance in training quality, particularly in our sector. It is important that you consider and investigate the quality marks available to you – this could mean getting endorsed by the national governing body, or organisations such as the chartered institute or register of exercise professionals (REPS).



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