TFN interview Geoff Bamber

How to Create an Outstanding Spin Studio Brand

Geoff Bamber is the CEO of Digme. Geoff studied at the University of Oxford and Stanford University in California before embarking on a career finance. An entrepreneur at heart, Geoff set up his own hedge fund firm in 2010, but was lured into the fitness industry when he wife, Caoimhe, founded Digme in 2015. Geoff now combines his role as CEO with spending time with his two young sons, Alex and Ben, and training for triathlons. He is an 11-time Ironman and has twice competed in the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, the inspiration behind Digme’s name.

We spoke to Geoff about how spin studios can stand out from their competitors and how to overcome some of the challenges that a new boutique studio business may face.


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