London’s top personal trainer Luke Worthington discusses wellbeing Tech from Firstbeat Life

Luke Worthington is an internationally renowned personal trainer with over 20 years of experience within the industry. Luke has trained a variety of clients from Hollywood A-listers to Olympic athletes and professional football players. Luke has recently been named as the leading ambassador for Firstbeat Life, world-leading wellness technology for fitness professionals from Firstbeat.

By integrating Firstbeat Life into his service as a PT, Luke can provide his cliental with a  deeper offering that looks after their holistic wellbeing as well as their physical training, meaning he is able to provide his clients with the most personalised training ever.

Tell us about your clients

Luke: Most of my clients are high profile individuals with demanding schedules, changing time zones and lots going on in their lives. A challenge and consideration I’ve noticed when working with people with busy schedules who move around a lot is that I’m seeing people for 2-3 hours a week…and then that’s it… it’s more important what these people are doing for all the rest of the time that what I’m doing with them in the gym. So, the conversations I’ve been having with clients in recent years has been more about what’s happening outside of the gym and the impact that may have on their overall wellbeing as well as their physical.

What technology does Firstbeat use?

Luke: The Firstbeat life device is a clinical grade ECG heart rate monitor which measures heart rate variability. Through using Firstbeat Life I can measure heart rate variability which gives a very accurate way to track my client’s stress, recovery and sleep and therefore provide an indication of their overall wellbeing.

How does teaming up with Firstbeat affect your clients?

Luke:  Firstbeat is enabling me to attribute a number to somebody’s well being or somebody’s readiness if you like, then I can then make meaningful changes to their routines and workouts, to optimise performance. What collecting data like this has enabled me to do is to understand, well I might have planned this week is going to be a heavy week or tomorrow is going to be a particularly hard workout because that’s what we scheduled, but what else has gone on in life and understanding maybe today is not the day. I can see that before I meet them and think right I’ve already changed the plan so because I already know that you’re not feeling it before I’ve even met you that is very useful.

How accurate is the data?

Luke: If you’re going to use something it might as well be something that definitely adds value, therefore don’t collect data unless the data is useful and accurate and reliable. The Firstbeat device is a clinical grade ECG heart rate monitor… the USP of the Firstbeat life device is it works, end of.

How will integrating Firstbeat Life affect your offering as a Personal Trainer?

Luke: I think using the device will change and improve my service offering because what it will enable me to do is move from having anecdotal conversations about someone’s state of well being through to being able to show them numbers.

Luke Worthington is co-hosting a free webinar with Firstbeat on 27th September 2022: “How to leverage wellness data to boost PT business” – click here to sign up

About Firstbeat

Firstbeat are world leaders in heart rate variability (HRV) tracking and monitoring

In addition to more than 10,000 employers, Firstbeat’s pioneering technology is also used by professional athletes and sports teams around the world, such as Manchester United and Arsenal F.C. to track and monitor performance and recovery. Now all fitness professionals, including personal trainers, coaches, as well as their clients will be able to benefit from the technology too.

The Firstbeat Life Service

Firstbeat Life brings clinical-grade ECG data into the hands of the fitness professional.  It keeps them connected to their clients so they can offer an unrivalled personal training service that always takes wellbeing factors such as  stress, recovery, sleep and exercise into account.   Firstbeat Life enables trainers to build deeper connections with their clients by offering them a much more personalised and tailored service that can reveal the true state of their wellbeing.



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