John Halls interview with The Fitness Network

Is Your Fitness Facility Monitoring Return on Engagement?

John Halls is the Managing Director of Physical Company. Physical Company provides complete fitness solutions to the leisure industry supplying functional, results driven, innovative equipment for fitness, sports & rehabilitation. It produces high quality, fully commercial fitness equipment and also […]

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Success in the Personal Training Gym Industry

3 Steps to Success in the Personal Training Gym Industry

Nick Mitchell is an author, writer, fitness expert and founder of the world’s leading personal training business Ultimate Performance. He is widely recognised as one of the world’s foremost personal trainers, body composition experts and for being a huge success […]

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The Fitness Network - Interview with Rich Tidmarsh

How to Become a Leading Group Fitness Facility

The founder and lead trainer of famous London gym Reach Fitness, Richard Tidmarsh is one of the leading names in the UK Fitness Industry. Rich has over 12 years of experience in the industry, delivering over 10,000 one to one […]

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Matt Lovell interview with The Fitness Network

Key Considerations For Entering the Supplement Market

Matt Lovell is a registered Nutritionist with a wealth of experience in the Sports Nutrition industry. Matt’s past and present clients include London Wasps, London Irish, Saracens and Leicester Rugby Clubs. Matt is also developing a range of sports supplements under the trade […]

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The Fitness Network - Interview with Jenny Patrickson

The Best Ways to Maximise Apprenticeship Plans

Jenny Patrickson is the Managing Director of Active IQ, a leading specialist awarding organisation for active leisure qualifications. Jenny has over 25 years of experience within the active leisure sector, leading the development of specialist health and fitness related awarding organisations […]

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How to Launch Your PT Service With No Budget

James Roberts represented Great Britain at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Paralympics, and in innumerable World Championships. He was born with a congenital disability called Femoral Dysplasia, floating hip of the left leg, and Scoliosis of the spine. After […]

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Maximising the Return on Training

Kristoph Thompson is the director of S8 Training, specialising in tailored training solutions for the fitness industry. Kristoph is the Director of Sideways8, a training provider specialising in creating bespoke training solutions for the fitness industry. Kristoph has worked in […]

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12 lessons for securing investment through Crowdfunding

Joel Burgess is the founder of Nutrifix, an exciting start-up that has recently successfully raised £150k through Crowdcuve the world’s leading crowdfunding website. With so many apps on the market, it’s become more difficult than ever to differentiate your product and […]

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The art of building and keeping a strong PT team

Rob Johnson is the managing director and founder of Future Fit Training, the ukactive Training Provider of the Year, 2016. He built the business out of a desire to deliver better qualified personal trainers and fitness instructors to the industry […]

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How to get your PT content published time and time again

Fiona McAuslan is the Managing Editor of FitPro, the world’s largest network of fitness professionals. With a background in journalism for publications such as the Guardian newspaper, The Telegraph Group, The Independent and The Financial Times, Fiona took over the […]

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How PTs can thrive in today’s competitive market

James Alexander-Ellis is a WBFF Pro Muscle Model, a SCI-MX & Pursue Fitness Athlete, and a Personal Trainer in west London. James also offers online coaching for people training for fitness competitions and sells training products online. He also has […]

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