Carly Thornton

[Podcast] Social Capital – Turning Instagram Followers Into Loyal Customers

Welcome to the first episode of The Fitness Network podcast, in which we interview remarkable people doing remarkable things in the fitness and wellness industry. On today’s episode, we are joined by Carly Thornton, CEO of Gluteywear, to discover how she’s gained traction so quickly, the key to repeatedly developing successful gym wear products and her secrets to using social media to engage with her community online.

Some of Carly’s key quotes from the interview:

“Gluteywear is all about building a community. It isn’t just a brand, it’s a community of empowering women supporting each other.”

“I relate to the struggles faced by females…about how they want to feel part of a team, and feel part of a community. I understand this and portray this onto Gluteywear.”

“You have to know your tone of voice and understand your target audience and your niche. It’s very important to know who your target audience is… if you do not know this, you cannot reach the audience you want to reach.”

“You can’t target everyone, because you’re not going to get anywhere like that. You need to understand where you’re coming from and who you specifically want to target.”

“Practically everything Gluteywear brings out is the result of feedback…for me, feedback is gold.”

“We have a happy medium of professional, semi-professional and customer photos on our Instagram feed… I don’t want purely models on the feed, as it’s important that customers can relate to photos.”

“Ambassadors really help when it comes to product suggestions… they are key assets to the brand”

“I understand what we need and what is missing…most brands aren’t looking at every aspect of everything.”

“Word of mouth is key, and branding is key, too.”

“It depends on your target audience – and the age of the target audience – as to what channel works best for your brand.”


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