Andrea Sullivan

The Key to Successful Strategic Partnerships

Gympass, the world’s largest corporate wellbeing platform, has appointed Andrea Sullivan to the newly created role of Fitness Partner Sales Director to oversee its rapidly expanding portfolio of UK gyms. In her new role, Andrea will be responsible for adding more leading UK gym chains to add to Gympass’ rapidly expanding portfolio. We sat down with Andrea to get her view on what makes a successful partnership and her best advice for approaching prospective partners. We talked to Andrea about: 

  • The newly created role at Gympass 
  • Her approach to productive introductory meetings
  • Her advice for getting prospective partners on board 
  • Where she finds the best professional advice and inspiration 

You’ve just been appointed Fitness Partner Sales Director. Tell us more about this newly created role at Gympass.

My role is a strategic role within the Gympass Partnerships team, which has been created to bring increased focus to Gympass partnership expansion in the UK.

It’s an exciting time to be joining the team.  We’re seeing unprecedented levels of growth across the Gympass corporate client and subscriber network.  Which means the value we can deliver to gym partners through corporate investment is at an all time high.

My role is centered around building new gym partnerships which complement our existing network of partners, strengthen the Gympass product and drive new revenue to our partners through corporate wellbeing investment.

Creating partnerships will be a key part of the role. In your opinion, what makes a successful partnership?

At the beginning it’s critical to have a strong understanding of your partners business objectives, challenges and goals.   The more knowledge you have the better, as it helps to shape a partnership framework which will add value for both sides.

All partnerships need to be collaborative, so good relationships are key.  Listening and being as creative as you can with partnership solutions are both important skills.

In my experience, having a detailed approach to agreeing what success looks like, and measuring performance along the way are important elements of any partnership.  Unexpected factors will always come up, so being agile and responding quickly to find solutions is the best way to protect partnerships for the long term.

As a new person in a new role, what’s your approach for productive introductory meetings?

At the first meeting it’s important to create positive first impressions.   Researching the business I’m meeting with, any background information and considering where Gympass can add value are important steps.

Then at the meeting, it’s about building a connection and getting across the key points which are relevant to the discussion.  Coming away with useful action points to follow up on is a great first meeting.

What’s your best advice for convincing prospective partners to come on board, especially if they are hesitant?

The Gympass business has gone through a huge transformation since launching 10 years ago.  The platform is expanding rapidly and is leading the way bringing new revenue streams to the fitness ecosystem through corporate investment.

My advice would be -meet with the team at Gympass who will be happy to share more about our journey.  We are experts in corporate wellness and we’re looking to collaborate with long term partners so we can grow together.

Where do you find the best professional advice or business inspiration?

I love podcasts and am always adding to my playlist.  My ‘go to’ for business inspiration is The High Performance podcast.  Listening to the journey of athletes and entrepreneurs is hugely inspiring.  I love the principle that a strong work ethic and commitment brings results.  There is no big secret to success!

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