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Why physical activity should be front and centre in in the war against obesity

Personal health and fitness are back on the political agenda following the recent release of the Government’s obesity strategy. Whilst this is undoubtedly much needed particularly in light of Covid-19, what we are still lacking is a fundamental change to the ...
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Survival of the fittest: How operators must adapt to survive in post COVID times

Charles Darwin held the belief that organisms which adjusted best to their environment were most successful in thriving. He called this theory ‘survival of the fittest’.  As we emerge from lockdown, the leisure industry finds itself in a new environment.  One ...
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The “Magic Moments” That Delivered A London Experience To The Suburbs

Jaime Cooke is the Founder and mastermind behind SPN, a new brand bringing big city fitness and wellness to the suburbs to empower and educate local communities and help them lead connected, happier, healthier lives.  Prior to SPN, Jaime was the ...
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