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Barrecore Live

How Boutiques Can Make Live Fitness Work for Them 

With gyms across the world forced to temporarily close their doors, many operators have quickly reinvented themselves in order to stay relevant with their members. In many ways, COVID-19 has accelerated trends that were already happening in the industry, like the ...
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emma Barry

Building a Badass Boutique

Being badass is even more critical now that we must collectively recover from the backhand delivered by COVID:19 and the restrictions that will ensue. The boutique sector, already challenged, can expect consolidation and reshuffling as businesses close to the line struggle ...
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How to keep lockdown learning on track

As the coronavirus outbreak forces us into our homes and online, learners in the leisure industry must not only navigate news ways to continue their studies, but actually make the most of this unforeseen opportunity to further their skills ready to ...
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