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Capturing corporate interest in wellness

The Deloitte Corporate Wellness Report shows a clear opportunity for operators to capitalise on corporate wellness with 78% of employers surveyed saying they are looking to invest in physical activity programmes in the next three years. Operators know this with 92% ...
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Bryce Hastings Les Mills

How Operators Can Harness Groupness to Best Effect

Groupness is the measure of the impact other people have on your workout. Not to be confused with Group Exercise, which is an activity, groupness is a positive perception that can promote exercise adherence, maximise exertion and, importantly, keep members coming ...
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How to Succeed as a Fitness Franchisee

Isaac Buchanan is the CEO of Snap Fitness UK and Ireland, one of the fastest growing franchises in the world. Isaac started with Snap Fitness in 2013 as a franchisee of a club in regional Australia, previously working in retail franchising ...
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